Diamond 13

Lost Inc. MC is a Motorcycle Club founded in November of 2006 by several brothers that wanted to be part of a true brotherhood. We are a family of motorcycle enthusiasts that believe Brotherhood is a bond stronger than any other, and we believe all members are an extension of our personal families.

Lost Inc. MC continuously works with local charities and other clubs to help the community. We support special needs adults, kids and families with an annual dance and dinner. We help fallen bikers and their families. And, we also provide assistance for military veterans and their families. Lost Inc. MC works to provide service and assistance through donations and providing a helping hand when possible.

Through organized club interests, Lost Inc. MC also works to promote the sport of motorcycling and the public image of bikers by our activities, conduct and service to the community. We work with the American Motorcyclist Association (AMA) and the Texas Confederation of Clubs & Independents (TCOC&I) to promote motorcycle safety & awareness among drivers and bikers alike. Lost Inc. MC also works with local, state and federal governments to protect the freedoms and rights of motorcyclists and the American public in general. We are strong supporters of Constitutional freedoms and limited government control. Lost Inc. MC believes in the freedom to ride a motorcycle, and we strive to portray a good light on the biker community as a whole.

If you're interested in what Lost Inc. MC has to offer, please feel free to contact us.